The Pathogens are a punk band from Oakland, California comprised of beloved veterans of the east bay punk scene who have been playing in bands for most of their lives. They’re known for their provocative, high energy shows, and they stand out from other bands, having both a male and a female sharing lead vocal duties.

Members (and past projects listed): Jesse Luscious, Lead Vocals: (Blatz, The G’rups, The Criminals and The Frisk); Cinder Block, Lead Vocals: (Tilt, Retching Red); Sebastian Stewart, Guitar: (The Divvys, The Undead Boys, The Twots); Markley Hart, Drums: (Econochrist, Zero Hour, Strychnine, Fracas, The Twots); Noah Weber, Lead Guitar: (Dead City Radio); and Jovino Bunny, Bass, Man of Mystery.